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Rustic Cabin Decor has taken the US by storm. Yep, it has become one of the most sought out decor around. We would like to take a look at several themes within the lodge cabin look, as it isn't all pine cones and crooked fences. So hopefully you will find what you feel is some good tid bits of information, as we also give a bit of info about the wildlife that is characterized in the lodge cabin rustic themes.

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Rustic and primitive home decor to give that down home country feel.

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Black Bear Decor - Favorite to all

Black bear decor, we feel seems to be the favorite among the lodge cabin look. The Northwood Bear Collection is not only affordable, but has different seasons within the Northwood Bear Collection so you can have it displayed even in holidays, and place different bear stuff out for your black bear decor. The Bear Collection is good for those who like to collect and like a large collection to display, believe it or not you can have the Bear Collection from the Kitchen to the Bathroom!

The black bear is the one of the commonest and most widely distributed of American big game. The black bear is found quite plentiful  in the Adirondacks, Catskills, and along the entire length of the Alleghenies, Northern England, as well as in the swamps and canebrakes of the southern United States. The black bear is also common in the great forests of northern Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, and throughout the Rocky Mountains and the forest ranges of the Pacific coast. They were more plentiful than the bison and elk even in the long vanished days when these two great monarchs of the forest still ranged eastward to Virginia and Pennsylvania.  The black bear is a timid, cowardly animal, and usually a vegetarian, though it sometimes preys on the sheep, hogs, and even cattle of the settler, and is very fond of raiding his corn and melons. Its meat is good and its fur often valuable. The black bear greatly diminished numbers, in the more thinly settled portions of the country. One of the standing riddles of American zoology is the fact that the black bear, which is easier killed and less prolific than the wolf, should hold its own in the land better than the latter, this being directly the reverse of what occurs in Europe, where the brown bear is generally exterminated before the wolf.

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