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Rustic Wildlife Decor.

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Rustic Lodge Décor - Decorating Rustic Style

Decorating with a rustic styling will help create a homey feeling to any space, while providing it with a new level of charm and appeal.  Whether the space is located in the city or in the country, rustic charm can be easily accomplished by selecting the right furniture pieces and other decorations needed to create the rustic lodge look you desire for your home.

Incorporating Rustic Texture -For the Woodland Look

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One of the easiest ways to create that rustic lodge charm look in a space is to add texture. Rustic furniture tends to be very textural, particularly those pieces made of wood. As with any decorating element, however, it is possible to go overboard with the texture and take away from the overall charm of the space. Therefore, you should add texture in small amounts. Keep in mind that natural wood looks great for rustic decor and finished pieces can blend in as well.

Choose a few pieces of highly textured furniture to add to the room.  Be sure to select some very nice pieces to be your textural items as they will really “pop” out from the rest of the décor. Placing a few bent willow chairs around an old oak table, for example, is an excellent way to add texture that is both attractive and functional. If you add a few highly textured pieces around the fireplace with other cloth pieces that are less textured items, it will create a nice contrast and will add to the overall country outdoorsy charm.

Enjoy the Use of Cushions and Pillows

To further help soften up the texture and to provide contrast, add cushions and pillows to the rustic décor, this gives it a less primitive touch.  Not only will this help to pull the room together, it will also help to make the furniture more comfortable. By selecting cushions and pillows with colors that tie into other elements of the room such as rusts and russets, it will help to further bring out those special colors like hunter green and gold. In addition, by selecting cushions and pillows with forest animal themes, log cabin or woodland pictures, or other rustic images, you can further along the overall rustic feel of the space.

Choose the Right Designs

In addition to the pillows and cushions, accent throws and rustic wood framed wildlife art are also essential elements to rustic lodge décor. Wall tapestries also make for beautiful accent pieces. Wall tapestries also can fill up large areas of wall space that you would like to cover.

When choosing the design, look for common themes that will tie all of these pieces together.  In addition, select pieces that depict wildlife that would be found together in the woodland areas.  If your space is located in an area that is surrounded by natural beauty, bring some of that beauty indoors by selecting pieces that show the type of landscape and animals you could potentially see when walking out the door. One way to bring the outdoors in is to pick wildflowers that grow in your area and place them in a vase or dry them and make swags for rustic wall decor. You can also use pine cones, a piece of driftwood, and even large rocks make lovely rustic decor pieces for you home.

Adding Accent Pieces to the Space

When it comes to selecting furniture, there are a number of different accent pieces that you should consider adding to the room to further create the rustic lodge look you are going for. Mirrors, tables, and coat trees, for example, can add that extra touch of rustic style that the space needs. A beautiful cedar chest can work well as a coffee table or at the foot of a bed for a rustic lodge look.

Accent tables can be both charming and functional, and some can be conversational pieces as well. For example, you might purchase an accent table that actually doubles as a checkerboard. Or, you might add an end table that is designed to look as if it is made from a slice of a tree trunk, or you can actually use a real tree trunk. For a more modern look that still holds rustic charm, you might select an end table with a glass top but with a base designed to look like a bear, a tree, antlers, or some other element of nature. Placing a bench being held up by two bears and a coat tree being climbed by bears by the entryway is a great way to get the rustic theme started as soon as you walk in the door.

Light Your Way to Rustic Charm

From the light switches to the lights themselves, your light can serve as a magnificent accent piece to your rustic décor. Light switch covers can be made of rustic metal with an aged look or made of bronze and contain raised images of wildlife. Wooden light switches are also a good choice as are traditional plastic light switches that contain charming scenes inspired by nature.

The actual lighting can take on all shapes, sizes, and forms of woodlands. A charming antler centerpiece capable of holding tapered candles can be the perfect choice for your dining room table.  This can be complimented beautifully by an antler chandelier in the main living area or by an antler lamp on an end table. Lodge look floor lamps can also be used to lighten up a dull drab corner and at the same time add the rustic charm to the atmosphere.

If you are looking for rustic charm with a little more sophistication, try metal chandeliers shaped like elements of nature. Chandeliers with pinecone shaped light holders or chandeliers designed to look as if leafs are hanging from the ceiling to the lights make attractive choices. Some chandeliers also are made with glass globes in shape of pine cones or having a hand painted rustic image on them, this way you have the lodge look without too much primitive feel.

Making Each Room a Unique Space

Since each room in a lodge or cabin, or in a normal house, is its own unique space with its own unique characteristics, be sure to accentuate these differences with the right rustic pieces. You can go lodge throughout your home, or just individual rooms.

In the kitchen, for example, try using antlers for a pot rack. Select table linens with rustic designs and silverware with wooden handles. Slices of logs make great trivets.  Even napkin rings, mugs, and other serving dishes can be purchased with woodland animal designs and other rustic elements.

For the bathroom, select a small wastebasket containing a beautiful natural scene and incorporate rustic towel hangers. With the shower curtain, you have the ability to include a very large picture showing bears, moose, or other animals that will substantially boost the rustic appeal of the room. Include a rustic toilet seat with the picture of an animal on its top and other pieces, such as soap dispensers and light switches, and you will have created a rustic masterpiece.

The bedroom also opens up a world of opportunities. Take the time to select the perfect headboard and bedding as your bed will be the main attraction. Plaid flannel print work well for your sheets and blend easily to the rustic lodge look, not to mention that flannel is comfortable in the winter or summer. You can place a bent willow chair in the corner with an attractive cushion and you will have a truly charming space to rest your head, or drape a throw over it and you have made the chair a little more inviting.


With each of these spaces in your home, adding rustic wall art or carvings and sculptures can be the perfect final touch to creating a look that you will treasure. Decorating rustic is easy once you get going! We have a lot to offer here at Crooked Creek Country to help you get started or finish your rustic lodge decorating.

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